Title of the article

Calculation and evaluation of the probability of safe and unsafe conditions technogenically dangerous object


Sadykhov Gulam Sadykhovich doctor of technical science, professor, senior researcher manager, fellow of Russian Federation Quality Problems academy Moscow State Technical University named after N. E. Bauman
Savchenko Vladimir Petrovich doctor of technical science, professor, general manager, Radiotechnical Institute named after academician A. L. Mints
Babaev Islam Akmuradovich engineer, Joint Stock Company «Radiofizika»

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In this paper we consider nonparametric guaranteed estimates of safe and unsafe states probabilities for objects which failure and recovery during their operation are technogenically hazardous. This paper also reviews estimates of safe and unsafe states probabilities and their limit stationary values for aging restorable units.

Key words

nonparametric estimate, safe state, unsafe state, aging unit, restorable unit

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